The most technologically advanced forecasting engine for retail & FMCG. Sales forecasting, automated analysis and store replenishment have never been easier.

Forecasting done properly

MySales Labs uses machine learning algorithm to determine dependencies of sales on the influencing factors. Easy to integrate, understand and use.
  • Advanced technology

    We successfully use big data and machine learning to improve accuracy and quality of your forecasts.

  • No statistical knowledge required

    Our application does all the forecasting for you. Invest your precious time in smart decisions, not routine calculations.

  • Flexible to integrations

    MySales Labs can be easily integrated with your existing IT infrastructure: import/export to ERP, RMS, BI, WMS, ADR, Excel etc.

  • Smart forecasting

    Seasonality, trend, price, discount, quantity of goods, exchange rates, balances, your custom predictors and much more. We take into account all major influencing factors and all calculations are done automatically.

  • Full cycle promo management

    Our promo module allows you to create, review, edit, approve, and keep all of your promotional activities in one place. We take into account discount rate, type of mechanics, accessories, media support and other important parameters.

  • Full automation

    MySales Labs allows you to schedule and automate your operations. The system works with automatic store and warehouse replenishment and allows you to build advanced analytics based on your data and using your BI tools.


“All our orders are being made automatically by MySales Labs. Having observed how the system works, we’ve managed to reduсe our reserve stock for spirits by 75% and for the rest of the goods by 50% — all thanks to MySales. Mistakes occur only when people start interfering in the system. If no one influences the system’s decisions, everything works just fine. People are interested in creative work, not routine calculations.
— Oleksii Grishyn


"Those who work directly with orders saw that MySales' solution is really effective. According to my calculations, the effect that we are seeing now is only 5% - greater results are still to come. I am sure about that. Once we show everyone that the forecast can be trusted, the situation will improve drastically. If everything is done correctly, consistently and quickly - the effect will be incredible! " - Alexei Kruglikov

Economic Benefits

MySales Labs has been tested in large retail chains and has shown high efficiency

  • Availability of goods on shelves increases
    up to 97%

  • Inventory turnover increases up 40% due to accurate forecasting and the reduction of level of insurance inventory

  • On average sales increase up to 2-10% due to the ability to maintain constant inventory

Optimise stock &
automate your orders

We use a wide range of regression models and artificial intelligence module to decompose your sales down to the influencing factors like trend, seasonality, prices, discounts, stock, etc. and then make accurate forecasts. So you can better understand your sales and take wiser actions.

Forecast & approve
your promos in one place

Our promo tool allows you to create and analyse your promos in minutes: simply add your SKUs, stores, promo details and you're done. Additional equipment, discount, type of promotional mechanic (eq. buy 2, get 3) etc. are taken into account. We help you to understand and compare the best scenarios for your promotional activities.

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